Bella Domani Car Cruise – June 25, 2015

Although it was overcast, and had been raining, there were still a number of hardcore fanatics who made their way out. These are my kind of people!

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Cars & Coffee at Cantech Automotive – June 13, 2015

Exotic cars in Syracuse are almost a bit of an oxy-moron. We’re predominately a blue-collar town, so American muscle cars and classics are the norm for car collectors. But there is a growing number of exotics and European cars in the area, and it would seem one shop has cornered the market on working on all of them.

Last Saturday, Cantech Automotive in Cicero hosted their first Cars & Coffee event (with an assist by Tim Horton’s.) It was a fantastic event, featuring cars you just don’t see every day on the streets of Central New York. I heard rumor this will be a monthly event, so if you get a chance, definitely check it out. If you love high end cars, you won’t be disappointed!

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Bella Domani Car Cruise – 6/4/2015

A few highlights from last week’s Cruise at Bella Domani on East Taft Road, North Syracuse. This is one of my favorite weekly cruises, mostly because I drive by at as I leave work. So easy for me to just pop in, snap a few shots, then head home.

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360 Degree Panorama of Hershey Park

A couple weeks ago, my oldest daughters had a cheerleading competition in Hershey, PA. With the awards ceremony taking place in Hershey Park, it was a great time to get some shots. Not much was catching my eye until we went up in the Kissing Tower, providing a 360 degree view of the surrounding area. Be sure to click the image below for the high-resolution panoramic image. WordPress limited me to a 10MB file, so I couldn’t upload the full-res version like I wanted. But you should still be able to zoom in pretty tight within your browser to make out some detail of the grounds. Enjoy!

Please note: this is a 10MB file. It will take some time to load. When it does, it will appear to be a small band across the top of your browser window, click that again to zoom in. When the image is viewed at 100%, you can use your browsers scroll bars to move left, right, up, and down within the image.

Hershey Park

360-Degree panorama of Hershey Park and the surrounding area.


Game 3 – Syracuse Crunch vs. Wilkes-Barre Scranton Penguins

It was a sad finish to an otherwise promising season. The Crunch lost 12 of their last 13 games and were swept in Round 1 of the Calder Cup playoffs. The final game featured some great battles, but in the end, the momentum was too much to overcome. The last month of hockey for Syracuse will hopefully provide a lot of lessons for talented, but young team.

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Syracuse Motorama Part III – Bikes!

Sometimes there’s a down-side to being as busy as we were at the Syracuse Motorama last week. There were at least a couple dozen bikes, but I only had the opportunity to shoot a few. I’m hoping to do a lot more with motorcycles this year. Cross your fingers for me.

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20150328-143133 20150328-142454 20150329-181639 20150328-104722 20150328-104706 20150328-10464820150329-132921


Re-Imagining The Past

Like many people, I use the dynamic desktop options in Windows to rotate my desktop photos on a regular basis. The program uses set folders to randomize your desktop display. I’ve noticed, over time, that my processing techniques have changed. There were a few photos that came up recently where I thought to myself, “I would do that completely different today.” So, I did. I revisited some photos from a truck show I attended back in June of 2012, and applied today’s techniques on yesterday’s photos. I’m happy with the results, but thankfully don’t see myself getting in the habit of re-editing everything I’ve shot.

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A before and after shot of the differences in editing styles. I've moved toward a slightly more natural look, while still having a bit of an illustrative feel over a very surreal, metallic feel.

A before and after shot of the differences in editing styles. I’ve moved toward a slightly more natural look, while still having a bit of an illustrative feel over a very surreal, metallic feel.


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