2015 Syracuse Nationals – Day 2

More great rides from the Syracuse Nationals. To see all of the shots I took at the Nationals, or to order prints, please click here to browse.

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20150718-103137-9358 20150718-103141-9360  20150718-103307-9367 20150718-103309-9369 20150718-103637-9385 20150718-103647-9388  20150718-104703-9399 20150718-103225-9362 20150718-104917-9400 20150718-115235-9417 20150718-115914-9429 20150718-120238-943620150718-115956-9433 20150718-105715-9402


2015 Syracuse Nationals – Day 1

Below are some of my favorite shots from the first day of the Syracuse Nationals. There are quite a few more to see, and prints available for purchase at http://www.backprint.com/ricspics/133084.

Make sure to take a close look at some of the folks in the passenger seat in the autocross shots. Tell me they’re not having a blast!

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20150717-114546-9112 20150717-112408-9104 20150717-131013-9197 20150717-114639-9114  20150717-115724-9148 20150717-122126-9178 20150717-124330-9189 20150717-142413-9300 20150717-120219-9173 20150717-134945-920920150717-115559-9135 20150717-115610-913820150717-141044-9253 20150717-134902-9207 20150717-142552-9314 20150717-104628-9083

bella domani

Bella Domani – July 16, 2015

I know, this is a little out of order. My next couple of posts will be as well. I’m getting caught up from a very busy couple of weeks. So many cars, so little time!

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20150716-175002 20150716-175020 20150716-175159 20150716-175821 20150716-192723 20150716-195101 20150716-200850 20150716-202556


Bella Domani Car Cruise – July 23, 2015

Another great night at Bella Domani last night. If you love classic cars, great tunes and great food, be sure to stop out each Thursday night. Below are just a few of the cars that showed up last night.

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20150723-174146-9552 20150723-174221-9554 20150723-180535-9562 20150723-180644-9563 20150723-180716-9564 20150723-180759-9565 20150723-181905-9571 20150723-200226-9582 20150723-200430-9586 20150723-201001-9591 20150723-201012-9592 20150723-201451-9594


Bella Domani Car Cruise – June 25, 2015

Although it was overcast, and had been raining, there were still a number of hardcore fanatics who made their way out. These are my kind of people!

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20150625-181627 20150625-190454 20150625-192644 20150625-192931 20150625-193033 20150625-194949 20150625-193054 20150625-195258


Cars & Coffee at Cantech Automotive – June 13, 2015

Exotic cars in Syracuse are almost a bit of an oxy-moron. We’re predominately a blue-collar town, so American muscle cars and classics are the norm for car collectors. But there is a growing number of exotics and European cars in the area, and it would seem one shop has cornered the market on working on all of them.

Last Saturday, Cantech Automotive in Cicero hosted their first Cars & Coffee event (with an assist by Tim Horton’s.) It was a fantastic event, featuring cars you just don’t see every day on the streets of Central New York. I heard rumor this will be a monthly event, so if you get a chance, definitely check it out. If you love high end cars, you won’t be disappointed!

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20150613-095011 20150613-09590220150613-095128 20150613-095511  20150613-100023 20150613-100815 20150613-101210 20150613-101803 20150613-103506 20150613-103622 20150613-104241 20150613-103612