A Trip To Syracuse’s Finest Bakeries

A friend, who is a native Syracusan, posted a photo from her new home in Seattle, WA. She had picked up some donuts, that gave me a bit of a craving for some Harrison Bakery donuts. I figured, with it being Super Bowl Sunday, it would be a good time to pick up some fresh dough and bread as well, from Columbus Bakery. It was a morning well-spent!

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Busy Few Days

Over the past few days I’ve been running around Central New York attending various events and photo shoots. Here’s a sampling of what I’ve shot.

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walklightsflatheadjackbarbie-q  jess  mustang stars bike chapel graffiti

Bella Domani Car Cruise

The summer got away from me in a hurry. Between a busy schedule and fluctuating weather, I didn’t get out to nearly as many car shows/cruises as I wanted. But, I got this one in before the weather turns.

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20140904-175433 20140904-175347 20140904-174055 20140904-173824 20140904-173600 20140904-173457 20140904-173229 20140904-173124 20140904-173033 20140904-172726 20140904-172546 20140904-172441