Finding Nemo

680/731 – The 731 Project – February 8, 2013. Syracuse, NY. People around here crack me up. There has been a lot of talk, these past couple days about this horrific blizzard we were supposed to get. While I feel for the folks who are actually being impacted by the Nor’easter known as Nemo, I find it laughable that the folks in the city of Syracuse 1) haven’t been paying close enough attention to know that Nemo isn’t coming anywhere near Syracuse and 2) panic over the thought of 8 or 9 inches of snow in a 24 hour period when we’re used to so much more. So as I look out my front door, I find myself unimpressed with this ‘storm’ that swept in from the west, dropped a few inches (quickly, mind you) and is pretty much keeping Nemo to the East. The forecast calls for another 4 or 5 inches by tomorrow morning. Good thing I looted the convenience store and got enough gas to power the generator. Not sure how we’d survive this otherwise.

Click the photo below to expand.



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