ColorVibe 5k at Onondaga Community College

A number of months ago, a bunch of friends posted photos from a race they ran with huge clouds of colored powder. I thought it was really neat and photographed well, so I wanted to give it a shot. Today, a ColorVibe 5k was held at Onondaga Community College, and a friend was running, so I took the opportunity.

Click the images below to expand.

1223 1272

Not all participants were human. There were a couple canine companions enjoying the day.1307 1327 1505 1518

Bravo to this young woman who “crutched” the 5k and finished in 45 minutes. As it turns out she is an amazing photographer. Check out her work at ilanajacquelinephoto.com1529

I believe this participant might have gotten lost on the way to church.1541 1545 1552 1557 1565 1567 1571 1572

Don’t worry, it’s just corn starch and food dye. Harmless to vegetation.1574 1576


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