Candy Kraft Candies – Altamont, NY

For decades, my wife’s grandmother bought candy from Candy Kraft Candies in Altamont, NY. They are a special crew who always enjoyed Grandma and Grandpa Person’s funny ways. Over the summer, during our vacation, we visited the store and they told us stories about how “Toot” would stand in the corner patiently, while Grandma shopped. She’d pick out boxes of hand-made chocolates, all the while Toot saying “Yes dear. Whatever you think, dear.” It was amazing to hear how these two great people touched so many lives. Sentiments confirmed by our visit to this amazing little shop. Can’t wait to get my hands on some dark chocolate-covered Brazil nuts.

Click the images below to expand.

2013-08-13 13-16-42

2013-08-13 12-48-09

2013-08-13 12-48-58

2013-08-13 12-56-14

2013-08-13 12-57-09

2013-08-13 13-00-54

2013-08-13 13-01-26

2013-08-13 13-02-18

2013-08-13 13-16-16


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