First Lightroom Edit

After watching a bunch of tutorials on Lightroom, particularly those from Serge Ramelli, I figured I really needed to learn to use this program. The workflows seem to offer more possibilities, faster post-processing times – particularly for large batches of photos – and with the results from a single shot coming pretty close to the look I get doing a three-frame HDR, the space savings could be enormous. All good things. So I started with a shot I did shortly after getting my D610 and Tokina SD 16-28 F2.8 IF. When I shot this, I was expecting to do an HDR with two other shots. This was the -2 bracket, or the darkest of the three, so it was the one where the sky was properly exposed, but the building left in shadows. I’m pretty impressed with the results, particularly for my first time out of the chute with Lightroom. I’ve definitely got a lot to learn with the program, but this could be a game-changer for me. And quite possibly a good one!

The first shot is straight from the camera. Absolutely no adjustments whatsoever. The second shot is all Lightroom + an application of Topaz Adjust to bring out a little of the grit.

Click the before and after images below to expand.





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