360 Degree Panorama of Hershey Park

A couple weeks ago, my oldest daughters had a cheerleading competition in Hershey, PA. With the awards ceremony taking place in Hershey Park, it was a great time to get some shots. Not much was catching my eye until we went up in the Kissing Tower, providing a 360 degree view of the surrounding area. Be sure to click the image below for the high-resolution panoramic image. WordPress limited me to a 10MB file, so I couldn’t upload the full-res version like I wanted. But you should still be able to zoom in pretty tight within your browser to make out some detail of the grounds. Enjoy!

Please note: this is a 10MB file. It will take some time to load. When it does, it will appear to be a small band across the top of your browser window, click that again to zoom in. When the image is viewed at 100%, you can use your browsers scroll bars to move left, right, up, and down within the image.

Hershey Park

360-Degree panorama of Hershey Park and the surrounding area.


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