2015 Syracuse Nationals – Day 1

Below are some of my favorite shots from the first day of the Syracuse Nationals. There are quite a few more to see, and prints available for purchase at http://www.backprint.com/ricspics/133084.

Make sure to take a close look at some of the folks in the passenger seat in the autocross shots. Tell me they’re not having a blast!

Click the images below to expand.

20150717-114546-9112 20150717-112408-9104 20150717-131013-9197 20150717-114639-9114  20150717-115724-9148 20150717-122126-9178 20150717-124330-9189 20150717-142413-9300 20150717-120219-9173 20150717-134945-920920150717-115559-9135 20150717-115610-913820150717-141044-9253 20150717-134902-9207 20150717-142552-9314 20150717-104628-9083


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