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Cantech’s Cars & Coffee – August 22, 2015

Another gorgeous Saturday morning brought out some beautiful cars to Cantech’s monthly Cars & Coffee car show. The lot was full, but here are just a few of my favorites.

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20150822-095031-0887 20150822-095734-0897 20150822-095812-0898 20150822-095824-0899 20150822-095916-0901 20150822-100531-0906 20150822-100604-0909 20150822-101632-0918


Bella Domani Car Cruise – 6/4/2015

A few highlights from last week’s Cruise at Bella Domani on East Taft Road, North Syracuse. This is one of my favorite weekly cruises, mostly because I drive by at as I leave work. So easy for me to just pop in, snap a few shots, then head home.

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20150604-171613 20150604-172537 20150604-172908 20150604-172951 20150604-173557 20150604-173627 20150604-174937 20150604-175112 20150604-175412 20150604-175724 20150604-181426 20150604-180157 20150604-172012 20150604-181226

Classic & Custom Car Collages

I’ve used up a lot of black ink in the past week printing out these collages for customers from the Syracuse Motorama Show from last weekend.

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zr1 stingray


camaros gtx eclipse duster Mach1