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Syracuse Crunch Home Opener

The 22nd season of Syracuse Crunch hockey started with high hopes as the Crunch took on their Rte. 81 rivals, the Binghamton Senators. Kristers Gudlevskis earned the win with 27 saves and Jeff Tambellini scored both of Syracuse’s goals in the 2-1 win. Although both teams seemed to be sizing each other up for much of the game, there was plenty of action and great plays by both sides and each goalie looked sharp in net.

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20151017-192020-4104 20151017-211434-433320151017-192921-4121 20151017-193925-4140 20151017-194923-4173 20151017-201740-4219  20151017-211456-4337 20151017-211647-4361 20151017-212752-4384 20151017-213007-4390 20151017-214353-4427 20151017-214421-4432


2015 Syracuse Nationals – Day 3

The heat and humidity were brutal on the final day of the Nationals. I didn’t stay long, but still spent enough time to get a few shots in. For the complete set – all three days, and a lot more than what I’ve posted here – click to browse or to order prints.

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20150719-090812-9476 20150719-091659-9480 20150719-092117-9483 20150719-092228-9484 20150719-101204-9502 20150719-103603-9511 20150719-103645-9512 20150719-115451-9537 20150719-120955-9539 20150719-123150-9545

2015 Syracuse Nationals – Day 2

More great rides from the Syracuse Nationals. To see all of the shots I took at the Nationals, or to order prints, please click here to browse.

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20150718-103137-9358 20150718-103141-9360  20150718-103307-9367 20150718-103309-9369 20150718-103637-9385 20150718-103647-9388  20150718-104703-9399 20150718-103225-9362 20150718-104917-9400 20150718-115235-9417 20150718-115914-9429 20150718-120238-943620150718-115956-9433 20150718-105715-9402

2015 Syracuse Nationals – Day 1

Below are some of my favorite shots from the first day of the Syracuse Nationals. There are quite a few more to see, and prints available for purchase at http://www.backprint.com/ricspics/133084.

Make sure to take a close look at some of the folks in the passenger seat in the autocross shots. Tell me they’re not having a blast!

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20150717-114546-9112 20150717-112408-9104 20150717-131013-9197 20150717-114639-9114  20150717-115724-9148 20150717-122126-9178 20150717-124330-9189 20150717-142413-9300 20150717-120219-9173 20150717-134945-920920150717-115559-9135 20150717-115610-913820150717-141044-9253 20150717-134902-9207 20150717-142552-9314 20150717-104628-9083

Syracuse Motorama Part III – Bikes!

Sometimes there’s a down-side to being as busy as we were at the Syracuse Motorama last week. There were at least a couple dozen bikes, but I only had the opportunity to shoot a few. I’m hoping to do a lot more with motorcycles this year. Cross your fingers for me.

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20150328-143133 20150328-142454 20150329-181639 20150328-104722 20150328-104706 20150328-10464820150329-132921

Syracuse Motorama Part II – The Classics

Just a small selection of the classic cars shown at the Syracuse Motorama last weekend. I keep saying to myself that photographing them is my way of collecting them all, but MAN, I’d love to just take one for a leisurely drive some time.

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20150328-123633 20150328-131709   20150328-181903 20150329-11240720150329-100131 20150329-100335  20150327-131850 20150329-102038  20150329-154600 20150329-175609 20150329-175747 20150329-180000

Syracuse Motorama – Collages

I know it’s been a while since my last post, but I’m about to make up for that. This past weekend, I had a blast, as usual at the Syracuse Motorama. The show was a great success for the organizers, and for pretty much everyone else I spoke with. A lot of new things this year, more bikes, more tuners, and more European cars than in previous years. And the ever-popular Old Skool Round Up was quite a hit as well. I wish I had more time to just wander the show, but I was constantly on the move, shooting cars, editing pics and for the first time at the show, printing photos for eager customers. It can’t begin to tell you how much fut it really was. And I can’t wait to get out to more of the weekly shows, and of course the Syracuse Nationals this summer.

More posts to come on the show, but for now, click the collages below to expand.

challengerhonda juicylucky dark horsemustang neon pickup denaliscoobaru Spider mag (1 of 1) spider wrx