Busy Few Days

Over the past few days I’ve been running around Central New York attending various events and photo shoots. Here’s a sampling of what I’ve shot.

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walklightsflatheadjackbarbie-q  jess  mustang stars bike chapel graffiti

Bella Domani Car Cruise

The summer got away from me in a hurry. Between a busy schedule and fluctuating weather, I didn’t get out to nearly as many car shows/cruises as I wanted. But, I got this one in before the weather turns.

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20140904-175433 20140904-175347 20140904-174055 20140904-173824 20140904-173600 20140904-173457 20140904-173229 20140904-173124 20140904-173033 20140904-172726 20140904-172546 20140904-172441

Mom’s ’73

Last week, I shot this great little ’73 Dodge Dart. I couldn’t get over how pristine this car was! What was also remarkable was that a relatively small car would have such a large engine. It has a BIG Dodge 440 in it. Yeah, it growls like it means it.

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20140815-174701 20140815-17475720140815-174848 20140815-174907 20140815-174931 20140815-175022 20140815-175206 20140815-175417

Vacation In Maine

This week, we took the kids to Maine to visit some family. We stopped briefly in Kennebunkport, but spent most of our time in Portland. Here are a few selected photos.

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20140808-190119-3 20140808-190439 20140808-190908-3 20140808-191444-3 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA 20140809-203333-3 20140811-165353-3 20140811-165603-3 20140811-171425-3 20140811-175941-3 20140811-180309-3