Mom’s ’73

Last week, I shot this great little ’73 Dodge Dart. I couldn’t get over how pristine this car was! What was also remarkable was that a relatively small car would have such a large engine. It has a BIG Dodge 440 in it. Yeah, it growls like it means it.

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20140815-174701 20140815-17475720140815-174848 20140815-174907 20140815-174931 20140815-175022 20140815-175206 20140815-175417

Vacation In Maine

This week, we took the kids to Maine to visit some family. We stopped briefly in Kennebunkport, but spent most of our time in Portland. Here are a few selected photos.

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20140808-190119-3 20140808-190439 20140808-190908-3 20140808-191444-3 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA 20140809-203333-3 20140811-165353-3 20140811-165603-3 20140811-171425-3 20140811-175941-3 20140811-180309-3

CNY Riders

I spent Sunday afternoon with a few close friends, shooting bikes, riders and friends of local motorcycle club, the CNY Riders. These are just a few of the shots taken that day.

Big thanks to guest photographer, Jason Liparulo and to Shannon Liparulo, Jim Swem & Keith Capano for your assistance on ‘the set’.

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burn cliffjames jasonkatana_600 kawasaki_ninja honda_cbrkawasaki_zx10r lift mike nick nick_mike riders riders_1 riders_2riders_4

Early Morning Arrivals

A lot of owners like to arrive early to the Syracuse Nationals. Although the NYS Fairgrounds are enormous, they fill up quickly when you’re talking about 8,000 cars, plus vendors and tens of thousands of spectators. Many drivers show up before sunrise and line up before the gates open. Catching the first rays of sun as they break over the cars makes for some really dramatic images.

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Sunrise-127 Sunrise-126 Sunrise-125 Sunrise-124 Sunrise-123 Sunrise-122 Sunrise-121 Sunrise-120 Sunrise-119 Sunrise-118 Sunrise-117 Sunrise-116 Sunrise-115 Sunrise-114 Sunrise-113 Sunrise-112 Sunrise-111 Sunrise-110 Sunrise-109 Sunrise-108 Sunrise-107 Sunrise-106 Sunrise-105 Sunrise-104 Sunrise-103 Sunrise-102 Sunrise-101

The Autocross At The Syracuse Nationals

Last year, I was disappointed that I didn’t make my way over to the Autocross at the Syracuse Nationals. This year, I made it a point to spend plenty of time there, and I was NOT disappointed. A friend got me up close and personal to the cars, and even in a couple of them for ride-alongs. It really was quite a thrill. Click the images below to expand. Autocross-101 Autocross-102 Autocross-103 Autocross-104 Autocross-105 Autocross-106 Autocross-107 Autocross-108 Autocross-109 Autocross-110 Autocross-111 Autocross-112 Autocross-113 Autocross-114 Autocross-115 Autocross-116 Autocross-117 Autocross-118 Autocross-119 Autocross-120 Autocross-121 Autocross-122 Autocross-123 Autocross-124 Autocross-125 Autocross-126 Autocross-127 Autocross-128 Autocross-129 Autocross-130 Autocross-131 Autocross-132 Autocross-133 Autocross-134 Autocross-135 Autocross-136 Autocross-137 Autocross-138 Autocross-139 Autocross-140 Autocross-141 Autocross-142 Autocross-143 Autocross-144 Autocross-145 Autocross-146 Autocross-147 Autocross-148 Autocross-149 Autocross-150 Autocross-151 Autocross-152 Autocross-153 Autocross-154 Autocross-155 Autocross-156